Wine investment and en primeur

Wine InvestmentMost of our customers share our passion for wine, and tend to be those who want to build a collection of fine wines for the future, either to drink when the wine is ready or sell on for a profit. An investment based on passion is quite different from the large scale investment that many seasoned investors or those who buy into En Primeur are looking for though – if it is a more structured approach to wine investment that you are looking for, we recommend that you approach either The Wine Fund or Premier Cru.

What we can do though is to help you to build a collection as diverse as you wish, whose value will appreciate over time. We tend to advise that you hold on to your wine for at least 5 years. We keep a watchful eye on the live trade and relevant market analysis so we can offer advice on when you should look to sell your wine to maximise your profit. Timing is everything – we know what the investment risks are and we can help you to make smart, savvy decisions. A well-timed sale for a high profit is in everyone’s best interest – we want our customers to be pleased with the service we provide so they will talk about us to other collectors, and offer us repeat business. As part of your investment portfolio, we always welcome the opportunity to match prices. Contact us for more details.